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snack`in - train takes 16h to Lviv (UA)

stopover in budapest keleti - johanna & thorid join the trip

3 bed sleeper with bathroom

2am - Ukraine border // passport control and wheel change

chris picked us up at the central station - 1h left before an important speech at university

looks like vienna old buildings

University - cleaning staff do some break

daily flea market


on the edge

ring ring...

go, fuck yourself

who has bigger boobs?

"girls night out..."

"do you need beer?"

lord chris power

yes, tapped water isn`t drinkable in Lviv

next day, kaffee kippe (tschick) klo ceremony


tatra tram ride like

lviv central station impression

back on track

crazy! This lawyer (sorry i forgot the name) had the same round-trip ticket like us. We already met him on the way to Lviv, now he is going back to budapest - his home town. He attended a counsel conference during the weekend.

  • AutorenbildBene Novak

Diploma Interview with Gerry

off to gürtel - servus

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